World Book Day 2022 at St John's C of E Primary School

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March 7th 2022

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On Thursday 3rd March, St John's Church of England Primary School celebrated World Book Day with some amazing class activities

Bond Class

Bond Class' whole day was based around The Gingerbread Man.

In Maths, the Reception children ordered gingerbread men to 10 and the Year One children used the greater than, less than, equal to symbols to complete the number sentence. The class also measured themselves using gingerbread men.

Bond class 1

In English Bond Class listened to the story of the Gingerbread man and then the Year One children wrote their own version while the Reception children wrote a caption.

Bond class 2

Finally, in DT, Bond Class made a slider with the characters from The Gingerbread Man and also had a fabulous time weighing ingredients and making gingerbread men to take home.

Bond class 3

Potter Class

After reading an extract from the book, ‘The Wizard in my Shed: The Misadventures of Merdyn the Wild’, Potter Class wrote about how to hide a wizard should one pop up at home one day! Bubbles the guinea pig from the book, also went missing and Potter Class had to follow clues to track him down!

Potter class

Butterworth ClassSarah roberts

Butterworth Class had two books by the author Sarah Roberts, Somebody Swallowed Stanley and Somebody Crunched Collin.

They created our very own book titles in the style of Sarah’s books and shared them with the rest of the class. The class also linked their DT to their books by designing, creating and testing prototype ocean grabbers in groups.

Butterworth Class were extremely lucky to have a very special message from Sarah Roberts herself, with some very surprised faces in the class when she said "Hello Butterworth!"

Butterworth class

Dahl Class

Dahl Class linked their book, The Twits by Roald Dahl, with their DT and used  pivots, levers and linkages to make moving pictures of different parts of the story.

They also all made prototypes using different combinations of fixed pivots, loose pivots, levers and linkages, before moving on to chose which types of pivots, linkages and levers they wanted to use in their final product.

Dahl class

In the evening the pupils of St John's Church of England Primary School all returned for bedtime stories, with hot chocolate and a biscuit, with some of the stories read by parents too!

Bedtime stories

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