Governance Structure

We are very proud of our governance structure and believe it is a strong feature of the Trust and our schools.

There are very clear Terms of Reference and a Scheme of Delegation for these groups which ensures strong accountability.  All meetings are clerked by a member of the Trust Governance team.  Zoe Stockley, Governance Adviser supports all governance personnel.

If you would like any more information or are interested in becoming a governor, please contact Zoe

Role of Members

The Members appoint the Directors (Trustees), amend the articles of association and receive the annual accounts.

Role of Board of Directors

Our Directors (Trustees) oversee the strategic direction of the Trust, the finances and hold to account the CEO and the Senior Executive.

Role of Academy Council

Beneath the directors is an Academy Council of Governors for each school.  Each Academy Council is responsible for maintaining the unique identity, community ethos and culture of their school.