Chairty hair cut at Clarendon Academy

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June 26th 2023

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Last Friday Rob Price, Director of Secondary Education for Acorn Education Trust, and Dave Cade, Deputy Headteacher at Clarendon Academy, smiled and joked as they had their hair trimmed by Jack Steel, a Year 11 pupil, for charity.

Jack, a student at Clarendon Academy, convinced Mr Price and Mr Cade to let him shave their heads as part of his personal challenge to raise £300. The money raised will be used to sponsor members of Clarendon Academy’s staff taking part in the second Tour D’Acorn, a cycle ride in which staff cycle 126km between the Trust’s 17 settings. The second Tour D’Acorn is taking place in early July and once again is raising funds to support pupils and their families facing hardship in purchasing school uniform and supplies and support for extra-curricular activities.

Jack commented: “It was a great laugh cutting Mr Price and Mr Cades hair. I’ve really enjoyed fundraising to support The Acorn Appel and help children get supplies that they need to have a better education. Everyone deserves the same opportunities in life.”

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In addition to shaving Mr Price and Mr Cade’s heads, Jack has also taken part in several group fundraising events with his football team and has been supported in his fundraising efforts by friends and family. To date, he has surpassed his initial fundraising goal and has raised £370 to sponsor the staff taking part in the D’Acorn cycle.

Mr Cade said: “this is another brilliant example of the school coming together to support the wider community.  Jack has done so incredibly well to raise this money, and we are really proud of his achievements and his creativity for coming up with the amazing idea of shaving our heads!”

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Mr Price added: “I won’t be needing a tidy up! Jack has done a fantastic job with both the haircut and his fundraising efforts. A truly amazing afternoon – well done Jack!”

This year’s Tour D’Acorn is due to take place on Saturday 8th July.

Click here to donate to the Tour D'Acorn