Thank You, Your Majesty

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/ Acorn Education Trust
September 9th 2022

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II


I am sure that many of us this morning awoke with solemn hearts and sadness following the death of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. The tributes to her stature as a person, stateswoman, leader and more, that have flowed from across our globe, reflect the poignancy and shock that this moment has generated even in lands where she had no role; indeed, where a monarch of any kind might not be looked on with favour.  Our diminutive Sovereign defined the phrase, less is more, with absolute grace and dignity. The world will miss her and our heartfelt sympathy goes to The Royal Family.

I also have no doubt that the late Queen would have hoped for a respectful but not glum time of mourning after her death. The next few days in particular are likely to see much emotion. As her majesty so eloquently put it herself: "Grief is the price of love." Whilst we are not all monarchists, there is no doubt that collectively our nation loved our Queen, whether for her commitment to serve or her taste in sandwiches. We must now play our part in celebrating her life, holding dear her values and bringing our communities closer together.

Our nation is one that is bound up with tradition and legacy. Sometimes those strings need to be cut away, reinvented; but not today. Today is about finding the golden threads that bind us together and drawing on those threads for support and strength. For as we say farewell to one so beloved, yet we still step forward.

Vivat Rex. God Save the King.

David Middleton

Chair of Acorn Education Trust. September 9th 2022