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March 25th 2022

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Acorn Education Trust would like to say a massive thank you to the very generous support of Comic Relief's Red Nose Day from our pupils, their families and Acorn staff.

The donations have helped support millions of people across the UK and around the world in breaking free from poverty, violence and discrimination.

See below for some of the wonderful fundraising that has taken place across Acorn settings:

At Clarendon Academy there was a range of activities to raise money for both Comic Relief and in support of Ukraine, including: a non-school uniform day, hair chalk, a charity football match of staff vs Year 10, ‘Pie the Teacher’ raffle, ‘Sponge the Teacher’ and bake sale, which altogether raised an incredible £592.94 for both causes.

Clarendon comic relief ukraine


West ashton comic relief


West Ashton Church of England Primary School held a non-school uniform day and joke-a-thon to raise an incredible £61 for Comic Relief.
See below for the winning jokes from each of West Ashton’s classes:

  • Shooting Stars Class (winner: Bobby)
    Why is Cinderella bad at football? Because she always runs away from the ball!
  • Explorers Class (winner: Eli)
    Why did the sheep go to the bathroom? To have a baaath!
  • Discoverers Class (winner: Flynn)
    What did the traffic light say to the other? Don’t look I’m changing!
  • Voyagers Class (winner: Poppy)
    Why did the nurse take a red pen to work? She wanted to draw blood!

Kingdown School held a non-school uniform day on Friday 18th May and raised over £800.

The Avenue Primary School and Children’s Centre held a non-school uniform day where the pupils were invited to wear red in honour of comic relief. Some of the children got very creative, dressing as superheroes, princesses and showing off some 'crazy' hair styles!

The avenue comic relief

At Keevil Church of England Primary Academy, the pupils in Winter, Summer, Autumn and Spring class came together and wore their red noses in support of Comic Relief.

Keevil v2

New Close Primary School raised an incredible £98 for Comic Relief with their very creative 'crazy' hair styles and incredible outfits day. 

New close v2

The pupils of Great Wishford Church of England Primary School took part in a non-school uniform day, in support of Comic Relief and Ukraine. Additionally, pupils Lily Mae Scard and River Forrester, made blue and yellow friendship bracelets which they sold at the end of the school day, raising an additional £54.78 to support both causes.

Great wishford comic relief ukraine

At St John’s Church of England Primary School, the pupils put on a superb cake sale alongside their non-school uniform day, where everyone was encouraged to wear red. The school raised and incredible £201.27 for comic relief and enjoyed some delicious, homemade cakes too!

St johns comic relief

Acorn Education Trust would like to say a massive thank you to all who supported our schools Comic Relief fundraising.

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