Red Nose Day at New Close Primary School

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/ New Close Primary School
March 19th 2021

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On Friday 19th March, the children of New Close Primary School, an Acorn Education Trust school, took part in Red Nose Day to raise money for Comic Relief. This year’s theme was ‘Funny is Power’ and aimed to empower people to do good through humour and laughter.

To raise funds, the children were invited to come into school dressed as Superheroes. There was a wonderful mix of traditional Superheroes and community heroes (including nurses, doctors, carers, military personal, police, mums, dad and so many more), many of whom our local community has depended upon over the last few months.

As part of the day, all of the classes explored why these people are heroes and what qualities they had that made them ‘super’. The children discovered that many of the qualities, including positivity, respect, resilience, responsibility and pride, were also New Close values.

New Close Primary School would like to say a massive thank you to all the parents and guardians who supported their fundraising.