Charlotte Robinson


Charlotte Robinson is an Executive Headteacher at Acorn Education Trust. She is currently Executive Headteacher for Wansdyke, Rowde, West Ashton and Keevil. These schools form the Northern Hub.

Charlotte also works across all Trust schools leading the Primary Curriculum working collaboratively with all 10 Trust Headteachers to help them drive improvement within their schools.

After graduating from Warwick University with a BA Honours in History, and completing her PGCE, Charlotte worked in four primary schools across the country, gaining valuable teaching and leadership experience and completing her National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH). Before joining Acorn Education Trust, a Charlotte spent 11 Years as a Headteacher in Wiltshire leading a large Primary school with a resource base.

Charlotte is a driven leader and advocate for Acorn Education Trust's values. She is passionate about helping Trust schools work collaboratively together while retaining their own unique identity and culture.

Charlotte Robinson

Head of Primary Curriculum