Jo Ronxin


Jo Ronxin is Head of Safeguarding and School Support for Acorn Education Trust. She coordinates school support, in terms of attendance, safeguarding, cybersecurity and GDPR.

Jo began her career teaching Science and Mathematics within Wiltshire. Over the past twenty years she has worked across a broad range of schools, first in her capacity as a teacher and pastoral leader, before becoming Deputy Headteacher at Kingdown School and subsequently a Headteacher within an Acorn Education Trust primary school. These roles helped shape Jo’s understanding of school improvement and gave her a wealth of leadership experience.

In her role as Safeguarding Lead, Jo leads the Trust’s safeguarding strategy and reviews processes to provide assurance of compliance in accordance with legislation, while ensuring further development of good practice within our schools.

As an educator and leader, Jo is passionate that every child should have access to the very best quality education and a breadth of extracurricular activities. She believes that this ensures development of the whole child, allowing them to grow up to lead happy, successful lives and contribute positively to society.


Jo Ronxin

Head of Safeguarding and School Support

Senior Executive Team