West Ashton celebrates 'Good' Ofsted result

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December 8th 2023

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West Ashton Church of England Primary School are celebrating after their latest Ofsted inspection, which found them to be ‘Good’ in all areas.

The school, which four years ago was rated as ‘Requires Improvement’, has been celebrating this incredible achievement, which is a testament to the staff’s dedication.

Throughout the inspection, which took place between 14th – 15th November, West Ashton was found to be a fully inclusive school, where pupils are “polite, kind and well mannered” and “aspire to demonstrate the school vision, ‘to shine among them like stars,’ in all they do”. Children were “adamant that they are all treated fairly and as an equal” and inspectors noted that all pupils understood the importance of inclusion.

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Staff have high expectations for behaviour, with the school providing “many opportunities for pupils to develop spiritually and morally.” Children “enjoy learning about other faiths and cultures” and are proud to have opportunities to develop through leadership roles, including school librarians and house captains. Pupils commented that they like “the time they get to reflect and appreciate the world around them.”

“Warm and positive” and “respectful” relationships between staff and pupils were highlighted as a real strength for the school, with the report going on to note this has led to children feeling “happy and safe”. Across the school, pupils were found to be respectful and demonstrate “positive attitudes to learning”.

Inspectors also recognised the school’s “relentless drive to provide high-quality education”. They stated that, with support from the Trust, West Ashton provides an “ambitious”, “broad and balanced” curriculum, with teachers knowing what to teach and when to support pupils in building their knowledge. While a few gaps in pupils’ knowledge were identified, due to some small misconceptions not being swiftly addressed, the inspectors noted that the school had already started to address this.

The report went on to comment that “pupils with SEND were also carefully considered when learning is designed” and that if there are any children who struggle to manage their behaviour, they are “supported effectively by adults so that it does not impact other pupils.” West Ashton’s children learn the importance of respect and safe relationships, with the inspectors sharing that “the curriculum supports pupils to be well prepared for life beyond West Ashton.”

Headteacher Alex Blake-Thwaite, who took up her role in September last year, having been Deputy Headteacher previously, said: “I am incredibly proud that the hard work undertaken by everyone at West Ashton has been officially acknowledged and that our amazing pupils now have yet another reason to be proud to be part of this wonderful community.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank our whole school for their support; without their hard work and commitment, West Ashton would not be such a wonderful place to aspire, believe and definitely now, celebrate.”