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Vision and Values

The Acorn Education Trust was formed in August 2014 to create a local solution to a national strategy. Through close collaboration and a shared vision we believe each school will achieve great things while retaining their individual identity. Underpinning this close collaboration is a strong belief in our core purpose.

Our Vision

"Preparing young people for their world in their time"

Across the Acorn Education Trust, 600 staff work to achieve the very best outcomes for more than 3,950 pupils. 

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Every Acorn school will thrive, as we will ensure the 5 strands of Acorn are evident in all that we do:

Active and visible leadership

  • Clear vision and values at Trust and school level
  • CEO and Executive Headteachers are in schools
  • Headteacher carries out daily lesson drop-in, is on break duty; out and about at start/end of day; always modelling great teaching
  • Effective middle leadership held to account by line managers
  • School development plans are working documents
  • Systems and policies are standardised, aligned or autonomous

Care, support and challenge

  • Culture is clear at Executive level and in all schools
  • Effective appraisal system in all schools (becoming aligned)
  • At board level, Directors drive improvements
  • CEO fortnightly meetings with each Executive Headteacher
  • Executive Headteacher meets weekly with Headteacher
  • HR Director supports welfare of Headteachers and all staff
  • Beginning to develop Trust expertise in core subjects e.g. writing and maths
  • School to school support
  • Trust QA programme
  • External consultants (Ofsted inspectors) visit each school annually
  • Termly reviews
  • 360 degree meetings (twice a year) (Team around the school)
  • Acorn Leadership Programme
  • Coaching
  • Relevant and high quality continuous professional development

Opportunities for all

  • High quality curriculum
  • World class teaching and learning
  • Enrichment activities and opportunities
  • First class resources and facilities

Respect, recognition and resilience

  • Belief in the Trust, each school and each individual
  • Partnership
  • Understanding that each school is a “giver” and “receiver” for the Trust
  • Executive Headteacher meetings – monthly
  • Headteacher meetings – 6 times/year
  • Working parties – as relevant
  • Praise is used appropriately and effectively across the Trust

Needs of all are paramount

  • Relentless focus on outcomes for every child/student
  • Differentiation is a strong focus in all schools
  • Trust assessment, monitoring and tracking system is emerging
  • Weekly meetings on data
  • Standardised Pupil Progress meetings
  • Focus on all learners and Disadvantaged, SEND, LAC, Most Able
  • Moving to a Trust wide approach to SEND
  • Intervention is used appropriately