Rob Knott


Rob Knott serves as the Head of ICT for Acorn Education Trust, overseeing a dedicated team of network managers and IT administrators. With a background in Computer Science, Rob embarked on his journey in the education sector in 2002 as a Junior ICT Technician at Kingdown School. His expertise led him to assume the role of Network Manager in 2004, a position he has held ever since the inception of Acorn Education Trust.

With over 22 years of experience in education, Rob possesses a profound understanding of ICT dynamics within educational environments and the unique challenges schools encounter daily. He collaborates closely with each school within the Trust, tailoring ICT solutions to meet their specific needs. Rob prioritizes student-centric ICT services, ensuring that technology enhances both teaching and administrative functions.

Currently, Rob is spearheading efforts to transition Acorn Education Trust schools to a centralized, cloud-based system. This initiative aims to facilitate seamless information sharing and collaboration among all schools within the Trust. By revitalizing ICT facilities and fostering technological innovation, Rob is dedicated to empowering teaching, learning, and administration across the entire Trust.

Rob Knott

Head of ICT

Senior Executive Team